Orb Night

by Ekca Liena

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Joe Beautiful work here from Ekca Liena, if you don't know his unique sound then this is a good place to start, also check "Sleep Paralysis" and "Drones Between Homes"
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Originally released as a limited CDr on Phantom Channel Records, then re-issued as a free digital album with Blindsight and also available here.

"There are few albums which offer a genuine sense of complete escapism, which you can get lost amongst and forget that anything beyond the noise exists. Orb Night comes close to being one of these records, offering a dizzying journey through something resembling an alternative dimension. Normally when a review says something like that you would instinctively relate it to something referred to as‘psychedelic’ and most likely be greeted by a series of needlessly complex and irritating arrangements and skewed progressions which clearly denote it’s ‘uniqueness’. Like the best albums though this one manages to transport us through effective use of atmospherics.

Beginning with a sinister looping xylophone this sounds like music tailor made for the opening credits of a Carpenter film, slowly escalating in it’s repetition before the introduction of sweeping strings which gather up everything in their path and completely consume the listener. This slowly transforms in to the base of the track, becoming a deep ambient groove which swells and undulates, appearing to drive the track forward in to new territories whilst still appearing to remain utterly still and unmoving. This embodies an ambiguous sense of place and time which permeates this record and makes it simultaneously calming and incredibly unsettling.

This feeling of paranoia drifts seamlessly in to the second track, Forest Tripping, as the straining drones flirt with distant screeching noises and rattles which surround them. The best is very much saved for last though with the 10 minute epic Wing Footed. The overlapping keys swirling over a bed of sustained drones is entrancing in its repetition. The second half of the track acts almost as a reprise, re-introducing several of the elements from earlier in a much more sedate style, the keys drift in to the background allowing the drones to command control of the track, pushing it harder until it continues to swell in search of a climax. To describe it as epic would be to undersell it.

Orb Night is utterly hypnotic from start to finish and another excellent piece of work from an artist who is becoming increasingly hard to ignore."



released September 9, 2009



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Ekca Liena Brighton, UK

Ekca Liena is an alias of musician and sound artist Daniel W J Mackenzie. Also in drone / noise band Plurals and a founding member of arts / events collective Lost Property.

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